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Well I know I missed last Friday and I am sorry if you were expecting a ‘call’ that never arrived but I was busy filling in for my youngest in an emergency capacity which required being in Adelaide. By the way this also gave me an opportunity to try an Air B&B experience for the first time and I do have to say it was a happy one. Selection was fairly straight forward although I was a bit worried for a moment that I had booked two places but that was eventually sorted. After a 12 hour drive (should’ve relied on Google Maps and not my memory) I arrived to a slightly nervous owner who, like me, was a newbie to this game but by the time I had been shown my room and private bathroom, had the plasma tv operation explained, asked if I could operate an espresso coffee machine and shown my breakfast allocation I was more than happy. It was but a hop skip and a jump to the Adelaide Show Grounds where my three day activity was to take place and all was within a simple drive. If I could find a place like this for the price that I paid there is no way, if I had my own business that I would book a hotel, there is simply no point in spending three or even four times what I paid for a place to wash and sleep and have a light brekkie. For a person with a startup business I think this has to be to go but a word of advice, don’t pay bottom dollar because you always get what you pay for.

But the weekend was not going to be easy because my only grandson left us to go to his dad in America for a holiday and from there to Dubai where her will return to his mum, my eldest, and make a new life for themselves. I gave him a kiss before he went and he was very cognisant of what was happening but hey, if going to Hawaii, South Carolina, Paris and then Dubai was on offer looking miserable was never going to be easy for the little chap. Now the house is so much quieter, not riffled with “Hey Grandpa” questions about the meaning of life and everything (mainly to do with fishing but then he can find a life-message and offer a Fishing parable to prove the point at the drop of a hat. Statements like ‘Grandpa, are sharks angry and if they are could we reduce attacks on surfers by making them happy?) Try working that out in 20 seconds or less! Those constant like thought bubbles no longer pop around our house and we are all the poorer for it. So I missed his departure and then it was the turn of my eldest and after working all day Sunday I thought I would see if I could surprise her and get to the airport to give her a departing cuddle. At about 3.30 in the morning I had one of those sudden moment where you cannot be positive that you didn’t, just for a second, nod off and that was my cue to stop and have a nap. I got out of the car and had a stretch and looked up into the night sky. There above was a carpet of light with patches of brighter galaxies. In the Australian outback when away from cities and towns, if you are lucky enough to not have a moon or cloud the skyscape is a thing of true beauty and incomprehensible wonder. Getting your head around knowing that some of the light you are looking at comes from a star that has long since vanished makes one feel so very insignificant and temporary. But it also reminds you that as unimportant you may be to the cosmos, on an earthly scale you have the privileged of both creating and protecting this remarkable marble. As Australia still continues to mine filthy coal because it is cheap and decry the reusable energy forum while the barrier reef is cooking like the frog in boiling water story, it proves that we are just as greedy as the rest of the world and my grandson will sadly pay the price within his lifetime. I have run my race and had my opportunities but I still have a clear mind, time on my hands to make myself a political nuisance and thus should get off my fat arse and see if we can stop the greed and bring humanism into the political and social limelight.

Ah well, Such is life. Until the next time, this is Brodie Goozée, and if you enjoyed this Blog, feel free to pass it or a link to a friend. Ooo Roo


One thought on “Missing in inaction

  1. Keep going Brodie! We have to keep telling it like it is. One day the message will get through – let’s just hope it won’t be too late.

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