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I had the interesting privileged this week of talking with an Australian psychic on the Breakfast radio program I do with my colleague at RPPFM. Needless to say we went through all the obvious banter (which must drive her berserk but it comes with the territory) like can we have the lottery numbers and who is going to win in the third at Randwick on Saturday. These somewhat ignorant attempts at jest were parried with grace and conviviality and we eventually touched on the heart of the subject matter that this power was not sought, it was a part of her life from a time she would have been far to innocent to understand what was going on and over time she had taken on the mantle of Witch. By the way male witches are not Warlocks, they are Witches too; I know this because Google told me.

The program puttered along with the usual banter when we somehow got onto the issue of Art, something to do with a commission I had recently got. I am no ’artist’, I know little enough about the good ones, I have no artistic criticability other than ‘I like that or hate that’ but I love to study technique. This means there is a level of execution competence but a distinctive lack of imagination, well from my perspective at least. This was when we started to consider the role of spirituality in the creative process. Now I am an avowed atheist or maybe agnostic in the process of believing in any form of Superior Force, Being, God or Deity. Now the important word in that statement is Superior. I do believe in the Life Force, the chemical demand to reproduce and if possible adapt to remain strong and survive as a species, any species from a microbe to a Blue Whale and alien life too. So the concept of ‘Mother Earth’ has resonances for me in that I can feel and see the force of life in all things. The issue is I do not look at it as the ultimate Mum, I do not give it a gender, we all have ‘IT’ in equal measure to our species and it does not make any one species better than another. The Force is that of Survival and along the way Species have become interdependent; bees and flowers and birds, that sort of thing. Since the first cell divided on this hot rock there has been a continuous experiment going on, this trying that, adoption and adaptation. There are so many way things could have gone but as they say WYSIWYG. I have to believe that no matter what forces in any measure are unleashed by mankind or natural disaster life will continue in some form, it has managed to survive such a vast range of climate conditions over the last billions of years, unless we succeed in splitting the planet, life will find a foothold and the experiment will continue. Like my artistic endeavours which are an exploration of try and fail in terms of technique, I do believe Life, probably not human life, will survive no matter what. The results are never right nor are they wrong they are just another marriage of thought connecting with deed.

So my spiritual harmonic lies, probably in the Wicca space maybe with a bit of Buddhist but where they all fail is in the ‘humanisation’ for explanatory reasons and of course, that, for me, enigma of a God, Mother, Devil (a relatively recent phenomenon, verbally that is) Father etc is where the idea of spirituality falls down. I have hugged a tree before I have cut it down, I admit it. I am aware that the tree is doing its best to live with every cell in its trunk and canopy and I am about to prevent that life energy from continuing. Its not the tree though that stirs something within me, it is the demanding cellular power that forces the cell combination to just keep going.

Like tantric sex (so I am led to believe) is often a non-spoken connection of feelings, the harmonic intertwining of the senses through all the organs, there is no need for description, for humanising the experience so it can be explained, it happens, it is felt, it is enjoyed and it ends. Left unexplained but felt, using the smallest of pallets to paint the picture of the idea of spirituality, maybe that is my little bit if Wicc-ard-ness.

Ah well, Such is life. Until the next time, this is Brodie Goozée, and if you enjoyed this feel free to pass it or the link on.



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