Captain fires Captain


Listen here….



Well I for one would like to offer my sincere regrets at the firing of the Captain that has been faithfully flying Mr Trump and his entourage around and showing to the masses just what they can all achieve with a little bit of effort and a great many lawyers. He is, of course, not trained for Airforce 1 and so is now surplus to requirements. I gather he was ‘let go’ via a tweet but with one last duty, that being to fly the thing to the plane bone-yard and hitch a ride back in the back of an indigenous Navaho’s truck. He was, of course, not alone in praying that his boss would fail in his bid to become part of the world’s laughing stock of leaders like Putin, Duterte, and Theresa May. In so doing he knew he was to be eliminated from the ranks of the employed because he is under a 463 page employment agreement forbidding him to ever talk to another human being let alone work for an airline. Mind you, saying “Good morning, this is President’s Trumps ex captain flying you this morning on a short hop to Crapsville Tennessee,” might end in a mid air disaster worthy of the TV series Air Crash investigations. “It was eventually found that the Captain had had his throat cut with a plastic knife courtesy of woman in business class who was aggrieved at the political outcome of the election. Next week, we ask ‘how did President Trump get the installation of a round waterbed into Airforce 1 through the FAA.” Nope the poor ol’ Captain is on the beach until either Trump is shot, is impeached or 4-8 years are up. With no Obarmacare to look after him and assist in him getting over his complete loss of self worth and value to the community, he may well take the easy way out in a winged suit from the top of Trump Towers.

Of course he might wake up to the fact that the 6 million Mexicans that are in need to deporting could be another potential use for the Trump jet although a paint job would be on the cards. The only trouble with that is the return flight would be empty with very little freight opportunities either so unless the government pays for a return ticket the economics do not bode well. Perhaps some of the old TV contestants could give him some advice, probono of course. Either way Airforce 1 is up for a facelift if Mrs Trump has her say and her interior designer from Slovenia gets his hands on things. I hope they have a seat out of the way for their son, what they put him through the other night needs to be looked at by The Hague, it was torture by TV. Those looks of worry, the need to pick his nose and not do it then try to do it without the cameras noticing was a clear state of panic about the man who was doing all the talking. Who was he? He wasn’t his father that’s for sure I mean his father has never said a conciliatory thing in his life and yet, there he was saying how he admired his adversary when just that morning he was promising to put her in front of a firing squad picked from the North Carolina Local Militia who he was going to charge a grand each for the privilege! The little man needs a shrink and soon, he needs to be prep’d for what lies ahead with how to air-kiss being the first thing on the agenda but I guess his siblings can get him up tp speed with that skill. Still it is going to bugger up his prom when all he will really want to do is do as his Dad did and grab his dance partner by her cat which seems odd to the poor fellow but it sounded very Presidential. Did he have to give her a cat instead of the corsage which he thought was the go at such posh events. Anyway time enough for that, all he want in his cabin is a kick-arse plasma screen and an infinite selection of Apps. Someone is going to need to find one that involves a football so he can help out his old man that’s for sure.

Ah well, Such is life. Until the next time, this is Brodie Goozée.


2 thoughts on “Captain fires Captain

  1. It’s “President ELECT Trump. The Electoral College doesn’t actually get around to voting until next month. There has already been a petition with more than one million signatures asking the Electoral College to elect Clinton. Not that it will be any more effective than an ice factory in hell. Still, it will ease the guilt of one million Millenials who neglected to vote.

    On Nov 11, 2016 12:03 AM, “Life in Australia through izenears” wrote:

    > bgoozee posted: ” Listen here…. Or…. Welcome. Well I for one would > like to offer my sincere regrets at the firing of the Captain that has been > faithfully flying Mr Trump and his entourage around and showing to the > masses just what they can all achieve with a little ” >

    • “There is no such thing as justice, only the Law” Tim Dixon my solicitor’s advice when trying to sue a business who refused to pay. Such is life! Thanks for listrnit

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