The Election Eclipes


Listen here….


Welcome. Well as we reach the political eclipse that will put the whole world into darkness for a while, possibly a long while if there is no definitive outcome, what has the World learned. Is the Americanised version of the concept of Democracy now so paralysed by money, graft coercion, and the use of local Laws to make the ordinary everyday folk so disenfranchised that they would accept an Alien as their leader if it would make the country work properly and simply. America, the dream of those oppressed through war, persecution or famine was the open door to those willing to give it a fair go as we say in Oz, to carve out the best opportunities they could with the talents they had and fulfilling the dream of securing an education for their children, a roof over their heads, have food on their plates and to live in peace. Now the God is Greed. It is my lifetime, our generation that cultivated the expectation of excess and abandoned the moral compass that had been our guide for millennia. Even religion has become entertainment and with it the trappings of hyper-wealth like private planes, mansions and mega-yachts and Popemobiles. America has become the symbol of excess in its behaviour, its arrogance, its use of power throughout every strata of society from Street Gangs to wannbe Presidents. Why is America now surprised that it is despised? The image it portrays through its social organs of media, music, fashion, ideas, behaviour are so incongruous to almost all of the world, they are so bizarre, so lacking in any idea of empathy, gentleness, that the hedonism of that collective picture is what Lucas saw as ‘The Dark Side’. It is addictive because good is so boring, simple is so sexless, enough is so average, so vanilla. Excess is so seductive because there is no limit; power and influence bought, not earned is a veneer upon which the parasites voraciously feed until the host is sucked dry and abandoned. But, there will always be that 15 minutes and 15 minutes might just be enough of an egg-sack to give purpose and meaning to an otherwise boring life.

Thankfully though America is not all like that, there is still a backbone where ambition is not about personal wealth but where a simple life or at least a life that is balanced is the sole purpose for existing. These American are not limited to any one place, they exist well in both the cities and the country. They look at their own portrayal and shake their heads as a wonderful tale this week showed us. An entire town had no idea at all about the up and coming election; they were to a man, woman and child oblivious to the catfight for their Leader. When shown what had been taking place on a tablet, the device was thrown to the ground as if it owned demonic powers. It unsettled, hurt and aggrieved the people of this little place. They were happy in their world untainted by the God known as Greed. They didn’t need most of what the Marketers proffered, they had the food, the school, the roof and most of all the inter-reliance and comfort knowing their neighbour would help without question, without judgement. But then you have the 300,000 Amish who live a simple life too without the trappings of modern life. Their trappings are horse drawn and they have a patriarchal code of life where females are submissive and clearly have no place being a President. Ignorance of the world and the way it is changing is no shield, ignorance is as much an evil as greed but the educated, the learned have the tools to say ‘no’ and understand why. They also have the competence to stand up to dogma, see through propaganda and change the world for the better. As America heads toward Thanksgiving rather thanking their God for what they have, asking their God what can be done with the have-nots would be much more of challenging question. Maybe out of this madness we call an Election will come a new Lincoln, a leader who can touch the hearts and not the wallets of a once-great nation but in the meantime we will live in the shadow a country that has lost its majesty, its portrayal of goodness and resolve and hope whoever wins does not cock it up for all of us.

Such is life. Until the next time, this is Brodie Goozée.



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