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Sorry I missed last week’s musing, I was laid out by man-flu which meant that I slept a great deal and felt so utterly miserable and sorry for myself that now, as it passeth from me, I feel fully ashamed of myself.  Curled up under the covers with Miso soup and tea to comfort me, my iPhone playing audio books while I slipped in and out of my ‘delirium’ and family staying away as far as possible just in case it turned out to be the plague.

The thing about being crook, not a crook you understand just the commonal garden Australian sick-type crook, is that you mind goes to some pretty weird places and your dreams take on some level of metamorphosis that would have Jung smiling and saying “No, not really, are you sure, well now that is something we should explore a little further don’t you think?”

For three days and three nights in my intellectual wilderness the common thread of my ‘dreamtime’, please don’t ask me why, was ‘how much wealth is enough and when does it lose its glory and become ugly, grotesque, ill-mannered, common, classless and distasteful.’  I looked at Trump, a man asking one of the most powerful and influential nations in our small planet to elect him as their Leader because he has made a great deal of money and this skill is supposed to have given him the mental ability to service the American People in all matters required to be the leader of that Nation.  I look at the artificial lips on the faces of his courtesans, the perfect hair, the, I have to assume, impossibly expensive clothes.  The air kisses, the ‘purchased’ elegance that is such a bad fit to the characters playing this terrible game, the belief that money gives you a wisdom of unique insights into understanding the global condition of Humanity.  I doesn’t though does it?  Of course Clinton is no innocent in these Stakes but right or wrong, she at least gives a whiff of matriarchal humanism to this cock-fight for supremacy.

Then, in the confused way of temperature induced imaginings, I look for someone I can say ‘look at (A), she/he was/is made of the right stuff, a leader of people, an impartial judge, a Solomon who would slice the child in two if that’s what it takes to be equal and fare.  You know what, I cannot see an untainted example through history.  One might just say that Gandhi came close but arguably only because he chose to live simply and that made him odd when placed beside the concept of what a leader should be. He was certainly not perfect and as guilty as the rest when it came to the real endgame, Power.

So, is it possible for people to become Powerful without wealth, without the ugliness of self-belief giving you Star status which in turn allows you the privilege of doing what you want when you want to do it?  It that the final frontier, the ability to do anything you want, no holds barred. Is it us that have set the bar that says ‘I may never be in a position to press the button but I sure want to know that I approve of the one who will, that is the power of my vote, his finger is a surrogate for mine’. Are we all so intellectually barren, so devoid of considered thinking, so petty in our imagination or sense of what Life means that we allow what is happening in America take place at all, let alone deliver an outcome.

Where oh where is there a unilateral thinker, untarnished by life, balanced and imperfect but shaped by honest mistakes rather than living by them.  Why are humans, with all its achievements in art, in thinking, in science and now with its ability to look into the world anywhere, any time on a portable device for clarification of what the Planet is experiencing, so revolting as an animal who has been given the privilege, along with every other form of life, to live in and care for this little place we call Earth.

Glad I’m feeling better, it was getting a bit weird there for a while but…

Such if life.  Until the next time this is Brodie Goozée


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