Bully for Alan Jones and see how it feels, maybe.


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Alan Jones is at it again although this time he is crying ‘poor’ at so many levels. He is claiming that the possible pending defamation suits are acts of bullying and from him, that is really rich. Odder still is that Clive Palmer is offering to pick up the legal bill as if the millionaire broadcaster doesn’t have enough of his own negotiable bling to pay his own way. I have often fired my own little broadside at the man because he gets my goat with his antics. They are pungent, acidic and corrupt (see putrid definition) and he hurts people. In the Sydney Morning Herald piece about ‘The Demons that drive Alan Jones’ October 20 2006, I looked for reasons that would allow me to understand why I have a real aversion to the man, not out of choice, I don’t like feeling this way about any human being but there is something about his presence, his image, his persona that physically repulses me. I found nothing in the article that I would consider an excuse for the way he behaves. He is gay and was so scared of his sexuality during his high school years he turned into a bully to mask of his effeminate side. It thinks that’s the root cause of my polar repulsion, not his sexuality and not his effeminacy, it the resulting bitchiness that is at the epicenter of the man and that quality looks and feels wrong in the ultra-masculine bombastic blokey approach he has. It’s a lie. When he is on song as a commentator he can hold the undivided attention of the culturally impaired but when he gets it wrong and goes on one of his rants he sort of ‘squeals’ and when, as on the more than acceptable occasions he has been abusive on air, he whines in his thin apologies. If they find him guilty of defamation I hope the damages are ‘larger than life’ too.

Such is life. Until the next time this is Brodie Goozée


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