Just deserts, lacking in civilization or stupidity across the board


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As two of the Bali Nine drug traffickers have seemed to have come to the end of their plea list, it is likely they will face a firing squad in the not too distant future. In Australia we do not have capital punishment but they do in many other parts of the world, including Indonesia and Indonesia is a very important country to have good relations with at many levels, well so we have been told. Why that is so I am not exactly sure because we are as different as chalk and cheese and there are not many things we see eye to eye on, killing criminals being one and invading other countries is another. If it is fear their 1 billion people will up sticks and start an invasion of Australia, well nothing is going to stop that if they are so inclined but it isn’t going to happen. But we are expected to go into bat at the highest levels to save our men and women from the wrath of local justice so we do. I will say it is not with the same venom that the Abbott took on the Russian Monk by promising to shirtfront the leader of the Tsar-ligarchs, it is more like a plea bargain without anything with which to plea. We, of course, assume that our young men were not so ignorant of the ways of the world as not to know that the country they were smuggling in executed drug smugglers. We assume they knew what they were doing in that the drugs were taped to their bodies, it could not have been planted. We know that jail time has brought about cathartic change and they are now respectful and polite and nice. So why kill them. Well its what they do over there and we all know it. Sorry guys but such is life.

Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée


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