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I tend to agree with the questions being asked, ‘Where was the President of the United States?’ I don’t think for one moment that anyone gave a thought about where our Prime Minister was because why would they care. If he was there, it would only be the Australian media who would notice because no one else would recognize him. He, that is we, are so completely irrelevant on the world stage, we are more of a nuisance than anything else after all its like recognizing Los Angeles as a stand alone country. But there was a moment there when Obama could have linked arms with another person of value to their unique part of the planet and been seen to be a part of the collective spirit of solidarity. So why didn’t he? You can bet your sweet bippy (what is a bippy anyway) that he knew it was on, it was going to happen, its not as if he might have missed the invitation or something. I like to think of this President as being on the side of the real middle class as he showed his colours during the GFC and there is nothing more middle class that Europe and I have a sneaking suspicion he wanted to go, he had the transport warmed up and ready to go after all. So what or who stopped him? Fear of being shot at? Fear of up staging the President of Mali? There was plenty of top brass in that front row to have a beer with afterwards and talk tactics. I guess we will never know for sure but it could well be that his advisors warned him that by linking the US of A so closely with Europe could put the country in the IS cross hairs and that was not going to be a popular move on that fabled Hill. Such is life. Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée


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